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Women In Tax Inc., is an organization specializing in serving entrepreneurs.  We are made up of professional Enrolled Agents who prepare and submit your tax returns to the IRS and State Franchise tax boards.Thank You for finding us and welcome to our company, Women in Tax, Inc. We are a women owned organization specializing in serving entrepreneurs.  We are made up of professional Enrolled Agents who prepare and submit your tax returns to the IRS and State Franchise tax boards.

Though the range of our expertise and experience spans the spectrum of tax and accounting needs for any individual or business (small, large, mammoth, home-based), we are also as interested in our clients as people as we are in their bottom line.

If you don't have passion for what you are doing, you’re not successful, no matter how far into the black your bank balance grows.

So, in addition to providing excellent tax advice, planning, preparation and accounting support, our services include assisting people to bring passion and ease into their financial lives.

Our process starts by assisting you in identifying what your financial goals really are.

We provide whatever support you need to attain those goals. That includes sound strategic planning and nurturing encouragement. You really need both to succeed, so we don’t stop at the former and leave you floundering for the latter.

Our effectiveness is measured by having more than successful clients. We have successful friends.

We also offer advice and education, especially to women in business, about how to be true to your own natural instincts and style, and use them as a foundation for success in your business. Some of what we do is crunch numbers. A potentially more important service we deliver is assisting in your "financial healing," which may include "learning the language of money," and reinventing how you look at work and money issues.

Our approach is uniquely effective because we are people who have built a prospering business and are keeping it thriving by applying the very principles we propose to you.

As a result, at the end of each day, we go home with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. We wake up each morning energized and enthusiastic, looking forward to doing work we love with people we enjoy.

Enjoy your browse through our web site. Meet our people. Check out our tax and financial tips. Discover more about the services we provide and how we can work with you.

Then, if you’d like Email or call and ask for Carolyn. She’ll be glad to speak with you about Women In Tax, Inc. We can help support your business success and assist with your taxes wherever in the world you’re located.

Member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents


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